Have You Been Ordered by the Court to Mediate?



or separating, but want it to be amicable and not cost a fortune?


with your partner, friend or work colleague and never resolving the issue?


limits on your teen, only to experience resistance and disrespect?


with your child’s co-parent and watching your child get caught in the middle?


for skills to improve workplace relationships?


Family Mediators, LLC in Rutland Vermont

Resolving Conflict IS Our Business!

Conflict Between Couples:

• Resolving persistent issues
• Divorce/Separation
• Blending Families
• Learning better negotiation skills

Conflict Between Family Members:

• Resolving issues between parents and child
• Learning how to negotiate with a teen
• Issues between adult siblings

Conflict in the Workplace:

• Resolving ongoing issues between fellow workers
• Learning skills for relating in the workplace
• Training seminars for staff

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a respectful and emotionally safe way to resolve differences using a neutral third party to guide you through the process.


  • You are in control of the outcome; no one tells you what to do!
  • You only pay for the hours you use, no retainers!
  • The overall cost is cheaper than litigation in court!
  • Parties who make their own agreements are more likely to follow them
  • Decreases expensive employee turnover
  • Promotes employee morale
  • Children experience parents working together to support them!
  • Parties are more likely to respect each other at the end of the process!
  • The process is much faster than a court resolution of the issue!
  • Mediation is completed on your own time frame, not the courts!
  • You learn skills for communicating and resolving conflict for future use!


  • Court mandated mediation.
  • Mediation of personal, couple, family or working environment issues
  • Mediation of stipulations for divorce or separation
  • Mediation of detailed parenting plans.
  • Mediation of parent/teen issues.
  • Mediation of conflict in the work environment.
  • Education seminars on conflict resolution and communication skills.

How much does Mediation cost?

Family Mediators offers a sliding fee scale based upon your income and circumstances.

Who are the mediators?

Tom Chamberlain

Tom Chamberlain

M.Ed. University of Vermont, Counseling; over 20 yrs. mediating conflict in families and employee environments.

“Conflict in relationships does not have to be destructive. Helping others resolve their differences amicably is my passion and reason for creating Family Mediators.”

Marsha Cassel

Marsha Cassel

M.S. Champlain College, Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies; mediator, instructor and presenter of conflict resolution seminars.

“Understanding and being understood are basic human desires. Misunderstandings happen when we communicate from partial Information or assumptions framed by limited perspectives. Practicing how to move through and beyond a particular conflict is extremely rewarding work.”

Feedback from Our Clients…

“You were easy to talk to, work with, and very understanding and caring.”

“My child felt comfortable talking with the two of you; my child felt heard and that was very important.”

“Tom is very easy to talk with and puts you at ease right away! I definitely felt very comfortable for an awkward situation.”

“This is an excellent workshop for all employees as well as management.”


“Tom and Marsha were a pleasure to work with. I felt comfortable with both from the time we first came in until we finished mediation. Very relaxed and caring, very easy to talk to.”

“You are the first who has ever made any headway helping us to be better parents.”

“I give Family Mediators 5 stars…Thank You!”

“I was thoroughly impressed by the process and experience. You helped us take a seemingly hopeless situation and turned it into something positive.”

Resolving Conflict is Our Business!

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