Are You...


with your child’s co-parent and watching your child get caught in the middle?


about losing your teen because you can’t seem to communicate or solve anything?


to divorce, but want it to be amicable and not cost a fortune?


from trying to resolve an on-going issue between you and your current partner, family member, friend or work colleague?

Have you considered a different approach?

Consider Family Mediators, LLC in Rutland Vermont

Why mediation? Mediation gives you a safe, respectful opportunity to voice your concerns using professional mediators to help you discover solutions and feel good about the process.

How do mediators do this? Mediators know how to listen and identify each person’s needs. They do this without judging or taking sides. Only after your point of view has been heard and your needs expressed will there be opportunity for both of you to resolve the issue. Family Mediators uses a unique approach; we pair a male and female mediator together to work with you.

Is mediation just a form of therapy? No. Mediators do not concern themselves with your personal history or your upbringing. Mediators focus on finding practical solutions to each issue as quickly as possible.

How much does mediation cost? Our fees are flexible, depending on your income and circumstances.

Relationship Toolbox Video Series

A show to educate viewers on the skills needed for positive relationships.



Divorce • Blended Family • Couples/Partners

Workplace • Tenant/Landlord • Parent/Adolescent

Family Mediators offers a variety of uses for the mediation process.

  1. Couples mediation for those who wish to work on a specific issue or just learn more productive ways of communicating with each other.
  2. Divorce mediation for those who are seeking an amicable way to dissolve their marriage and create the least amount of stress on the children, at a reasonable cost.
  3. Family mediation for those parents who would like to learn ways to productively involve family members in the decision making process of the family.
  4. Parent/Adolescent mediation for parents and teens who are struggling to master more effective conflict resolution methods tuned to the specific needs of a developing adolescent.

Family Mediators parallels the Vermont Judiciary standards for practicing mediators.

Who are the mediators?


Tom Chamberlain, M.Ed., University of Vermont, Counseling
• Over 30 years counseling children in public schools
• 18+ years mediating family conflicts
• Member Vermont Family Mediators
• Instructor for the University of Vermont – Divorced Parent Education
• Husband, father of three children
• Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution

Susan Cobleigh, M.S., Wheelock College, Family Studies
• Over 27 years teaching Family Life/ Early Childhood in public school
• 18+ years mediating family conflicts
• Member Vermont Family Mediators
• Wife, mother, and step parent
• Instructor for the University of Vermont – Divorced Parent Education
• Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution

Marsha Cassel, M.S., Champlain College, Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies
• 17 years-school instructor, World Languages and Global Studies
• Trained Mediator
• Divorced mother and co-parent
• Instructor for the University of Vermont – Divorced Parent Education
• Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution

Feedback from Our Clients…

“You were easy to talk to, work with, and very understanding and caring.”

“My child felt comfortable talking with the two of you; my child felt heard and that was very important.”

“Tom is very easy to talk with and puts you at ease right away! I definitely felt very comfortable for an awkward situation.”


“Tom and Marsha were a pleasure to work with. I felt comfortable with both from the time we first came in until we finished mediation. Very relaxed and caring, very easy to talk to.”

“You are the first who has ever made any headway helping us to be better parents.”

“I give Family Mediators 5 stars…Thank You!”

Resolving Conflict is Our Business!

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