Communication Coaching for Couples, Parents, & Employees

“We provide the skills you need to build and sustain healthy relationships”




Are you spending too much time managing conflict in the workplace?

Do your employees lack motivation and commitment?

Are you arguing frequently with your life partner but never resolving anything?

Are you questioning whether to stay in this relationship?

Are you totally frustrated trying to talk with your child?

Do you want to improve your communication skills?



      • Skills for improving couple communication.
      • Skills for improving interaction between step-parents, parents and children,
      • Mediation of conflict between partners or other family members.
      • Methods for problem solving and resolving conflict.
      • Skills for restoring connection between partners.
      • Skills for clarifying your relationship needs when choosing or remaining with a partner.
      • Clarification of the values, thoughts and feelings influencing your decision making.

        • Methods for improving communication and solving conflicts in the workplace.
        • Clarification of troublesome workplace dynamics
        • Mediation of office conflict and dysfunctional behaviors.
        • Methods for improving employee motivation and commitment
        • Mediation of business partner disputes.
        • Seminars on understanding the human components of a healthy workplace culture.

        What can you count on?

        • Outcome based interventions.
        • Education to improve your ability to communicate,
        • Our enduring commitment to serve you and our passion for the work we do.

          “What is Communication Coaching?” 

          A personalized, strategic application of communication skills for persons with a vested interest in relating well with each other.

          Over twenty years mediating family and business conflicts

          Tom Chamberlain, M.Ed, Counseling

          Tom Chamberlain, M.Ed, Counseling

          University of Vermont

          Family Mediators, LLC
          Producer of “Relationship Toolbox” PEG TV

          Feedback from Our Clients…

          I felt that we were guided in the right direction and given ways to stay on the path toward a better relationship with each other.”

          “My child felt comfortable talking with the two of you; my child felt heard and that was very important.”

          “Tom is very easy to talk with and puts you at ease right away! I definitely felt very comfortable for an awkward situation.”

          “This is an excellent workshop for all employees as well as management.”

          “I give Family Mediators 5-Stars…Thank You!”


          So grateful that our skilled employees were guided to resolve their conflict and didn’t quit. As a small business we invest a lot in training staff to do a complex job and again, very grateful Family Mediators helped them resolve issues so we did not have to lose their talents and expertise!

          “You are the first who has ever made any headway helping us to be better parents.”

          “I was thoroughly impressed by the process and experience. You helped us take a seemingly hopeless situation and turned it into something positive.”

          Coaching For Better Relating Is Our Business!

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