Spring 2020

During this unsettling and changing time, the need for human compassion, effective communication, and respectful resolution of differences is greater than ever!

For the past 20 years we at Family Mediators have dedicated ourselves to teaching and exercising the skills of mediation to assist others in creating and maintaining healthy relationships with others.     

Our passion for this work has not wavered, but the means for helping others has expanded and grown. We are now in the process of assessing the most effective ways for us to work with couples, parents and colleagues in the workplace. Stay tuned while we restructure our offerings to businesses and families.

In the meantime we will be closing our office location at 27 West Street.  We wish to thank the hundreds of parents, couples and the businesses who trusted us to help them with their relationship challenges. We also wish to thank the Family Court staff and the area lawyers for their many referrals.

For those of you interested in viewing our educational series of videos on communication skills and conflict resolution methods, please CLICK HERE.

For additional information call
(802) 773-3410.

Tom Chamberlain, M.Ed.
Marsha Cassel, M.S.